New England Regional
Headache Center, Inc.



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The New England Regional Headache Center, Inc, is a multispecialty center

dedicated to helping patients with intractable headaches and migraine disorders. Herbert G. Markley, M.D., is a neurologist who specializes in the treatment of headaches and migraines.

Dr. Herbert Markley and his colleagues and Larry Lockerman, D.D.S., an expert in facial pain are your professional staff.

Dr. Herbert Markley was the director of the Headache Center at the UMass Memorial Campus since 1983 and has been has been the Director of the New England Regional Headache Center along with Dianna Gubber-Markley, the Administrator. Our office is located at 85 Prescott Street, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Clinical trials are being conducted at the center for the treatment of migraine. For further information on current studies go to Patient Services.

In addition to our own advanced medical management for headache disorders, patients may be referred to other specialists in multiple disciplines throughout the region, including Pain Centers and alternative practitioners.

If you are troubled by severe, frequent or complicated headaches: call New England Regional Headache Center, Inc., at: 508-890-5633


Call Us for More Information at 508 890-5633.

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